Sonifex has released the AVN-PXH12, a monitor-mixer for Audio-over-IP audio channels in a 1U-format rack. Claiming a ‘world first’, the AVN-PXH12 is can simultaneously monitor and mix up to 24 AES67 AoIP sources in a compact 1U-high rack to a speaker/headphone combination in a quick and intuitive way. Any AES67 audio channels on a network can be assigned to input channels on the unit and mixed down to analogue outputs, a headphone output and built-in speaker.

Sonifex AVN-PXH12The AVN-PXH12 is a stereo monitoring device that allows monitoring of up to 12 audio sources, from an input total of 24, at any one time. The 24 audio sources can be selected from four discrete stereo analogue audio inputs (front panel 3.5mm jack socket, two rear panel 3.5mm jack sockets and a rear panel stereo XLR input pair) or from any Ravenna, AES67 or AES67-enabled Dante AoIP connected streams.

These stereo signals are routed to the 12 control channels on the front panel, each of which has a Normal and an Alternate input selection. Each channel has three buttons – one for input selection, another to Mute the channel and the third to select whether the channel input is routed to the left, right or stereo output legs. The knob for each channel controls the level of the input routed to the output and the knob also illuminates either green, amber or red to show input level. Pressing the knob ‘solos’ the channel input to the output.

Front panel LEDs show the AoIP network status, synchronisation status and the status of the AC and DC power supply inputs. The front panel has three outputs – paralleled stereo headphones on 6.35mm/quarter-inch jack and 3.5mm jack sockets, each with their own individual attenuation settings, and a mono-mix speaker output. There are discrete volume controls for the headphones and the speaker, and the latter also has a mute button.

The rear panel has an additional three line level XLR-3 audio outputs, which can be designated as mono mix or left or right channel outputs of the mixed audio content (similar to the speaker and headphone outputs respectively), or any of the physical inputs or AoIP input sources.

The unit also sends to the network, as AoIP AES67 streams, the eight channels of the four physical stereo inputs, together with a stereo mix of the speaker output. The unit can act as a PTP masterclock or slave clock and supports IEEE1588-2008 PTPv2 media and default profiles.

The rear panel also carries IEC mains and secondary DC power inputs, which provide power redundancy to the product. There are two Ethernet RJ45 connections (control and AoIP) and there is an Ethernet SFP module that, when used, replaces the AoIP RJ45 connection. A rear panel GPIO connector provides ten local ports, which can be user configured as inputs or outputs and provide software controlled functionality. A voltage-free relay contact can be used to operate external equipment.

A built-in web server provides complete configuration control of the unit including source assignment to each channel and also allows for firmware updates and configuration backup. The unit can be controlled by suitable Ember+ commands.

The AVN-PXH12 is shipping now.


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