Lawo’s V__matrix is a a software-defined IP core routing and processing platform based on established data centre principles – flexibility, fabric computing and COTS economics are leveraged to provide a completely virtualised real-time broadcast production infrastructure.

Lawo V__matrixV__matrix uses multiple cores connected to a high-capacity COTS switch with redundant 10GE and 40GE connections to form a distributed IP routing and processing matrix with frame-accurate, clean switching – like a legacy baseband matrix. Employing generic high-capacity core processing blades, software-defined Virtual Modules can be loaded to create any required functionality, enabling entire workflows to be remapped in minutes as requirements change from production to production. Core processing blades are housed in 1, 2 or 3U frames, with physical connectivity to legacy SDI equipment provided through optional V__matrix I/O cards using Lawo’s VSM Broadcast Control and Monitoring system as the control layer.

The system supports switching and routing of signals both in the IP and SDI domains, and includes the Lawo Routing Layer Control for video routing with frame-accurate clean switching in the IP domain, as well as control and monitoring for existing legacy SDI infrastructure and third-party IP equipment.

Use of an IP-based platform allows V__matrix to be deployed anywhere from an OB truck or TV studio to a broadcast operation center to create a virtualised core infrastructure for live production. Since the capabilities of the system and the functionality of the signal chains are not defined by physical connectivity of hardware modules, routing and processing can either be decentralized and spread over one or more facilities or centralised in a fixed facility or OB truck.

Function-agnostic core processing hardware allows an operator to build complex workflows by simply loading and running the appropriate Virtual Modules, which can be changed on-the-fly during runtime as production demands change. By cascading multiple Virtual Modules together, the V__matrix can be scaled linearly up to thousands of SDI I/O and audio/video processing functions for unparalleled flexibility, versatility and cost-efficiency.

V__matrix is fully based on open standards in-line with the AIMS roadmap: SMPTE 2022-6/-7, VSF TR-03/04, AES67 plus SMPTE VC-2 and Ember+ and ensures the customer’s transition to a total IP-based broadcast environment. ‘V__matrix delivers a truly future-proof core infrastructure based on open standards with significantly less rack-space, lower power consumption and fewer restrictions for the broadcast operation,’ says Lawo CEO, Philipp Lawo. ‘We are very excited to be able to offer the ability to transform any broadcast installation into a flexible, future-proof production facility, addressing a wide range of workflows and supporting the transition to a totally IP-based environment.’


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