Symetrix Composer v5.1 The latest version of Symetrix Edge, Radius and Prism DSP programming software is now available. In addition to DSP design, Composer v5.1 for Windows natively configures the set-up and routing of Symetrix Dante I/O expanders, along with third-party devices.

Composer v5.1 now allows integrators to program end-to-end DSP signal paths a using a single application. It features an assortment of new DSP and workflow enhancements. Major upgrades to the AEC set-up screen deliver faster and more efficient diagnostics and troubleshooting. On the DSP side, AEC double-talk performance and comfort-noise quality have been significantly improved upon. A 20% increase in tail length, now 300ms, facilitates the algorithm’s adaptation performance in larger, more reverberant acoustic spaces. Flex EQ modules have been expanded to support up to 32 bands, increasing usability especially when cleaning up room mode regeneration.

Much of v5.1 focuses on Dante, including expanded native support for select third-party devices, notably, the addition of Ashly. Along with faster and easier editing of Dante channel names, Composer’s Dante Flow Manager and site file reports now consolidate information on transmit and receive channels, providing a complete view of Dante use in a single report.

 With 5.1’s addition of embedded server audio metering and diagnostics support for all Radius, Prism, and Edge DSPs, integrators can troubleshoot any Composer-designed system by simply launching a web browser and entering a specific unit’s IP address.

Information is more centralised and accessible in Composer v5.1. An All Controls tab makes the Remote Control Manager a true central hub for all aspects of control in the system by listing every parameter in the site file; filtering options make locating and assigning a particular parameter quick and easy. ARCs and Remote Control Numbers have been split into their own tabs, providing more space to show longer lists of ARCs and controller numbers.

‘In addition to some major audio enhancements, we focused on software improvements to help our customers cut down on programming time, which ultimately leads to overall project cost reductions,’ says Symetrix Director of Technical Resources, Ashley Kay.

Symetrix Composer v5.1 is available for download.


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