Lawo has announced v16.1of its VSM (Virtual Studio Manager) Broadcast Control and Monitoring System. Available immediately, the release brings several new features, changes and bug fixes, including changes and updates to several VSM modules, as well as performance enhancements.</span>

Lawo Virtual Studio Manager 16.1Gadget Server 5 now offers full support for the Dante protocol. Additionally, support for the Master Card status swap (active, passive) for Lawo DMS is now included. All parameters that are available in the system are displayed in the Gadget list and indicate the actual status of the attached devices. Gadgets can be shown on panels or UMDs, triggered by GPIs, connected to audio or monitoring modules, or attached to signals.

In vsmStudio, double-clicking on GPIOs navigates through the GPIO configuration. The user-assignable button attachment is a new function that allows users to change a button’s attachment. Unlike the mimic button, which replicates the entire functionality of another button, this new function solely copies the attachment of the original button (if compatible). This allows operators to configure a panel during runtime.

The vsmStudio software is the heart of the VSM system – it is the main administration and configuration tool that runs continuously on all VSM servers in the system. From here, an easy-to-use GUI provides all the functions, tools and setup wizards to control and customise a VSM system to a specific application and workflow needs. Additionally, all connected hardware settings and statuses are shown in real time, with instant control and feedback.

vsmPanel software runs on a network PC workstation client (Windows based) and, from a design and set-up perspective, is identical to a hardware panel. An administrator can control and view any hardware panel in the system directly from this client, if needed. Any number of client licenses are possible, each offering a different control interface if necessary. Normally operated in conjunction with a touchscreen for intuitive operation, vsmPanel allows free design and layout of an operational interface, which may include pictures and images.

As Microsoft has now officially discontinued the support for Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP, the previous vsmStudio build (B1978) is the last to support Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 R1 and Windows XP. From build B2006, vsmStudio will not run under Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 R1. Windows Server 2012 is recommended.

In order to update a system to the latest software version, customers should refer to the changelogs/release notes to make sure their particular system can be updated.


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