Teletronix LA-2A stackUniversal Audio (UA) is to release the Teletronix LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection for the UAD Powered Plug-Ins platform and Apollo High-Resolution Audio Interface. The plug-in collection provides emulations of three distinct Teletronix hardware units, down to their transformers, amplifiers and aged luminescent panels.

The original LA-2A hardware (which is still hand-built at UA headquarters in California) has been modelled across the entire electronic path of three highly coveted hardware units — ‘Silver,’ ‘Gray,’ and the original LA-2 model — providing authentic plug-in emulations available of this iconic compressor.

‘While our original LA-2A plug-in provided a breakthrough rendition of the original hardware, we’ve learned a lot about analog emulation over the past 10 years,’ says Universal Audio founder and CEO, Bill Putnam Jr. ‘Our new Teletronix LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection adds tube amplifier and transformer modeling, improvements in T4 gain reduction nonlinearities, and superior time constant behaviors. Put simply, these are the most musical and authentic LA-2A emulations ever created.’

The Bill Putnam-era LA-2A ‘Silver’ model features a fast time constant, making it suitable on all sources, including drums and percussion. The Jim Lawrence-era LA-2A ‘Grey’ model maintains an average time constant, providing a range of ‘medium-speed’ compression. Finally, the LA-2 plug-in models the rarest of original Teletronix units, providing a super-slow compression response and a unique ‘mellowed’ sound due to 50 years of luminescent panel aging.

Additionally, the LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection plug-ins includes presets from famous LA-2A users, including Ross Hogarth (Van Halen, R.E.M., Ziggy Marley), Carl Glanville (U2, Billy Joel, Jason Mraz), Darrell Thorp (Beck, Radiohead, Charlotte Gainsbourg), Vance Powell (Jack White, Red Fang, The Dead Weather), and Jeff Juliano (John Mayer, Shinedown, Train).

Key features:
· Plug-in emulations of revered Teletronix LA-2A Leveling Amplifier
· Rhree versions: LA-2A Silver, LA-2A Gray, and original LA-2
· Complete electronic path, including transformers, tube amplifiers and luminescent cell aging process, modelled
· Peak Reduction and Gain controls
· Includes plug-in presets from Ross Hogarth, Jeff Juliano, Carl Glanville, Darrell Thorp and Vance Powell
· Optical compression sound for vocals, bass and drums

Part of an forthcoming UAD Software release scheduled for February 2013, the LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection will be available for US$299 via UA’s Online Store, and US$149 to current owners of the original LA-2A Leveling Amplifier plug-in.


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