Radial ChainDriveRadial Engineering has announced the ChainDrive 1x4 distro and line driver, the latest addition to the company’s range of 500 series modules.

ChainDrive is a single-wide audio distribution module that accepts either a balanced or unbalanced source via the 500 series power rack input and distributes the signal to four front-panel quarter-inch TRS outputs. Four front panel level controls allow signal-to-noise optimisation, while for those with a Radial Workhorse, ththe unit’se Omniport is set up as an unbalanced to balanced converter for manipulating hi-Z signals. ChainDrive can also distribute a full stereo programme using TRS connectors following the tip-left, ring-right, sleeve-ground convention.

Once connected, ChainDrive allows the creation of signal chains such as multi-band compression, feeding several guitar amps and effects simultaneously, or routing a stereo programme to various digital processors, dynamic controllers and effects at the same time.

‘With so much happening around the 500 series, I would not be surprised to see some contractors and PA companies beginning to migrate to the standard,’ says Radial President, Peter Janis. ‘The ChainDrive is probably one of the modules that is best suited to bridge the gap between studio and commercial installations.’

ChainDrive is enclosed in a 14 gauge steel casing with a galvalume shield to protect the circuit board. Each potentiometer is fitted with a steel shaft and output jacks are made from glass-filled nylon with nickel-silver contacts that will not tarnish. Full surface ground plane with double sided solder points further ensure part integrity remains while noise is kept to a minimum.

The ChainDrive is now shipping at an estimated retail price of US$350.

More: www.radialeng.com

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