Radial SX-500 SubmixRadial Engineering has added the Submix 4x1 mixer to its family of 500-Series rack modules.

The ergonomically simple design provides four front-panel quarter-inch input jacks with individual level controls. The connect to Radial’s dual-gang Accustate input circuit that allows adjustment of sensitivity with gain. This enables the Submix to be used with low-level instruments and high-output line level sources without the need for a level reducing pad.

The mixer follows the virtual-earth mix bus architecture pioneered by the console designs of Neve and SSL. This enables Submix to be cascaded to create 8:1, 12:1 or 40:1 mixers without adding noise – depending on the number of modules and the Workhorse power rack used. This, for instance, enables a three-slot Radial Powerstrip to be converted into a 12:1 keyboard mixer for live use. Using two Submix modules provides stereo operation, such as for tape returns, digital samplers, stereo effects and analogue summing.

Submix is made using solid steel and finished in a baked enamel for durability and electical shielding from noise from electro-magnetic pollution. Inside, steel potentiometers are mounted on a double-sided military grade PCB with an RF resistant full-surface ground plane. Double sided gold contacts assure a positive connection inside the rack.

‘Our long-term plan is to produce the most expansive and interesting assortment of modules possible,’ says Radial Sales Manager, Roc Bubel. ‘Together we believe that these tools can open up creativity by providing the audio engineer with more options and less boundaries. In many ways, the 500 series format parallels old-school synthesisers where patching between modules can lead to interesting results. The new Submix lets you patch in any four signals and then send the combined output to some other device. Who knows where this will take folks... At the end of the day, it’s all about unleashing creativity.’

Backwards compatible to older 500 series formats, the module can be expanded and provides patching flexibility. The Submix is now shipping at an estimated retail price of US$350.

More: www.radialeng.com

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