Neyrinck’s SoundCode Stereo LtRt plug-in for Pro Tools has been updated to include a Dolby Pro Logic decoder.

Neyrinck SoundCode LtRtSoundCode LtRt Tools is a suite of Pro Tools AAX Native, AAX DSP, and Audiosuite plug-ins designed for postproduction studios, TV mixers, video game mixers and broadcasters that monitor or deliver stereo down mixed and LtRt encoded audio compatible with Pro Logic I and II decoders. The new feature set includes LtRt decoding as well as encoding for broadcasters and audio post facilities.

SoundCode LtRt Tools now includes a Pro Logic IIx decoder licensed from Dolby Laboratories. It provides 7.1, 5.1, and LCRS decoding so mixers can simulate consumer system playback environments.

‘SoundCode Stereo LtRt is the standard for LtRt encoding in Pro Tools with its flexible, fast encoding,’ says company founder, Paul Neyrinck. ‘Now that Avid is not updating Dolby Surround Tools for AAX, customers need a new way to decode and monitor LtRt encoded audio, so we partnered with Dolby to bring Pro Logic decoding to AAX Native and DSP systems. Users can decode and monitor LtRt encoded material within Pro Tools so this is a welcome update to our surround sound product range.’

SoundCode LtRt Tools will be available from Neyrinck dealers around the world and can also be purchased online from the Neyrinck Store. Pricing and upgrade information will be introduced at the coming 2012 IBC trade show.


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