The Massenburg DesignWorks (MDW) has released the Hi-Res Parametric EQ v5, with AAX DSP and AAX Native support and allowing use across the full Pro Tools line, including Pro Tools|HDX systems.

Hi-Res Parametric EQ v5The MDW Hi-Res Parametric EQ uses double-precision, 64-bit floating-point processing to take advantage of the capability of the ProTools system. This new generation plug-in emulates the constant shape reciprocal filter curves of Massenburg’s GML 8200 equaliser, and offers a choice of three or five bands of equalisation (both support 10Hz to 41kHz frequency range).

The plug-in allows viewing the frequency grid in 6, 12 or 24dB resolution for accurate representation of equaliser settings. It also offers various filter types and a wide selection of Q and frequency values.

IsoPeak allows isolation of frequency bands and sweeping of the frequency spectrum to find a targeted frequency. Toggling between two EQ band settings using A/B snapshots is also possible, as is copying one setting to the other, and inversion of the phase of a track.

When used with Avid control surfaces, the EQ organises the bands into ergonomic groups on the channel strips.

The plug-in delivers double-precision 64-bit processing and supports 96kHz sample-rate processing for audio recorded at 48kHz or 96kHz, and 192kHz sample-rate processing for 92kHz audio.

The Hi-Res Parametric EQ 5 allows selection of five bands of EQ on Pro Tools|HDX systems or three-band mode for greater instance counts. On Pro Tools|HDX, the five-band version delivers seven, eight and three instances for 48kHz, 96kHz and 192kHz, respectively, while the three-band version delivers instance counts of ten, eleven and five for sessions of 48kHz, 96kHz and 192kHz, respectively.

Key features:

·  Frequency selection, from 10Hz to 41kHz, with variable Q and choice of three- or five-band EQ
·  Double-precision 64-bit processing
·  Emulates GML 8200 constant-shape reciprocal filter curves
·  IsoPeak functionality quickly solos a target frequency quickly and precisely
·  A/B snapshots allow settings comparisons
·  Supports both AAX and AAX Native plug-in formats

AAX and AAX DSP versions require Pro Tools v10.2 or later. AAX DSP plug-in requires Pro Tools|HDX.

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