AIR Music Tech has introduced AIR Soft Clipper, a plug-in designed for use with musical genres such as R&B, Rap, Drum and Bass, and edgy pop. It reckons to ‘re-engineer traditional clipping technology to provide producers with the ultimate energy and clarity in their mixes’.

AIR Music Tech AIR Soft ClipperAIR Soft Clipper offers a combination of usability and advanced functionality. It is destined to be an essential tool in any producer’s arsenal, delivering that loud, clean, release-ready sound that sets professional tracks apart. It is designed to bring a point of difference to an already crowded plug-in space, offering a blend of simplicity and depth.

In use, a Quick View mode provides instant access to essential controls, making it easy for users of all levels of experience to achieve professional results.

A Drive control allows users to explore a wide range of saturation effects, from subtle enhancements to intense layers, shaping the tonal character of their tracks, with Post Level control ensuring consistent output levels, maintaining the integrity and edge of the mix. The meter, meanwhile, provides real-time feedback for precise adjustments.

For those seeking more control, the Advanced View mode offers a comprehensive set of tools to fine-tune the sound. These include Shape for customising the clipping curve to create either smooth transitions or hard-hitting effects; True Peak and Anti-Alias: options to minimise distortion and artifact; and a Stereo Link to maintaim the balance between left and right channels, preventing imbalances and enhancing stereo cohesion.

In addition to this feature set, AIR Soft Clipper includes detailed parameters for further control when mixing and mastering. Release Time can be used to adjust the duration of the clipping effect to suit a track’s needs, from quick fades to extended presence. Mix blends the original and processed signals seamlessly to achieve the desired sonic texture, and Out Level fine-tunes the output level to ensure the final mix sits perfectly within the overall production.

Supported formats include AU, VST, VST3 and AAX for macOS, and VST, VST3 and AAX for Windows.


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