Eplex7 Alien Ossarium Intended for use in mucial genres spanning film, experimental to darkpsy, psycore, hitech, darkprog, horror, thriller, industrial, nihilistic EBM, neurofunk, dark riddim, ambient, downtempo, dark ambient, numetal, techno, industrial techno and videogame, the Eplex7 DSP Alien Ossarium plug-in was designed by graphic designer, artist and painter Vøn Brezekhiel.

Its makers say, ‘It is difficult to describe this effect in words, because there are not many similar effects on the market. At the same time, it is not an experimental cacophony and the effect can create nice ethereal, mystical, dark and sci-fi sound layers. It will decompose sound into quantum particles from parallel worlds and subsequently combine them into a new metaphysical substance.’

Key features:

  • 32-bit and 64-bit Windows VST plug-in.
  • Ossarinator 1 oscillators: Moklyus, Alien Bones, Spiritus, Deigitus, Dungenus, Electric discharges, Gothikal, Alien metallic material, Alien particles, Alien electro temple.
  • Ossarinator 2 oscillators: Monstrium, Spaceship, Metalurgium, Fear architecture, Prophetium, Monster speaking, Okleytarium, Atresorium, Esakralia, Soraps.
  • Tone control for each Ossarinator.
  • Dungeon control.
  • Gates control.
  • Attack/Release for Ossarinators rhythm.
  • Roof control.
  • Dry/Wet control.
  • Preset manager.

More: https://eplex7.com

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