Fuse Audio Labs has introduced the VRev-63 Surf Spring Reverb plug-in, a reincarnation of the Fender 63 tube-driven spring reverb.

VRev-63 Surf Spring ReverbArguably easier to use than its inspiration in a modern music production environment, VRev-63’s reverb intensity and time are set with the Dwell knob, while the Tone control allows the treble to be dialled back to the required degree of brightness. A fundamental – and switchable – part of the sound is the tone suck effect that impacts high frequencies, emerging from the authentic emulation of the tone and mixer circuits.

The VRev-63 plug-in is further enhanced by modifications including the Cap (capacitor) C10 mod for a deeper and richer reverb sound, easy tube rolling between a NOS 6K6 and the hotter 6V6, and a selection of three different spring tanks – 3-Spring, Short, and Stock. A Kick Unit further avails users of the percussive effect = made when the hardware spring is kicked.

‘Its juicy reputation is well earned, and yet this outstanding reverb is by no means limited to surf expeditions, twangy splatter sounds or crazy freak endeavours,’ says Fuse Audio Labs CEO, Reimund Dratwa. ‘Time has proved it to sound equally beautiful and different on strings, synthesisers, vocals, and many other instruments as well. Give it a ride – the springs are calling.’

VRev-63 is available at US$59 directly from the Fuse Audio Labs dedicated webpage.

More: https://fuseaudiolabs.com/vrev63.html

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