Black Rooster Audio has released the RO-Gold vintage plate, a free reverb plug-in inspired by the EMT 140 and other classic plate reverbs.

Black Rooster Audio RO-GoldRO-Gold draws on sought-after hardware classics and presents its processing via simple parameters providing complete control over the reverb decay time with a classic damper control offering positions. Placed after the plate reverb emulation to enable users to modulate the reverb tail with DAW automation, the Pre/Delay (0ms to 500ms) control determines the amount of delay between the dry and wet signals; the Dry/Wet (0% to 100%) control keeps the effect in-chain within the plug-in, without having to set up additional send/return loops; and Bass Cut applies a high-pass filter (10Hz to 1kHz). A vu meter provides visual feedback for the reverb settings and signals.

DSP operations are pipelined using the latest Apple Silicon and SSE2 (Streaming SIMD Extensions 2) instruction sets to ensure that the RO-Gold plug-in benefits from high-performance operation despite the complex computations required. The GUI supports high-pixel density on both macOS and Windows systems.

RO-Gold is free on signing up for – or into – a Black Rooster Audio account and activating the plug-in via e-mail.

RO-Gold is available as a 64-bit AAX, AU and VST plug-in for macOS (10.9 or later) and an AAX and VST plug-in for Windows (7 or later) .


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