Malcolm Toft’s new Punishr is a harmonic saturation processor in 500 Series format, with four tonal shaping paths designed for mixing and tracking.

Malcolm Toft PunishrPunishr offers three switchable distortion paths that can be used individually or in tandem – Sym (symmetrical distortion), Asym (asymmetrical distortion) and Iron (transformer saturation).

The Malcolm Toft designed circuit includes 1970s inspired EQ and musical filters, alongside an Iron transformer with individual bypass and level control for all distortion elements. The EQ section can be placed pre or post the distortion path, and there is a unique Sum Mode where all three distortion circuits are fed simultaneously.

Punishr is designed to ‘punish your audio’, with a wide range of harmonic distortion applications, from adding energy to tracks, an element of bite and grit to mixes or ‘sonic mayhem when required’.

Key specifications:

  • Analogue harmonic distortion processor.
  • 4 tonal shaping processing paths.
  • Three different types of distortion: Sym, Asym and Iron.
  • Sym: Symmetrical distortion (both sides of the waveform are clipped).
  • Asym: Asymmetrical distortion (only one side of the waveform is clipped).
  • Iron: Iron transformer saturation.
  • Input Drive LED designed to illuminate when a steady signal reaches 0dBm.
  • Individual Bypass LED switches and Level control for each distortion circuit.
  • Automatic gain levelling circuitry.
  • 1970s inspired shelving EQ at 100Hz and 8kHz.
  • Sweepable High Pass Filter (30Hz-350Hz).
  • Sweepable Low Pass Filter (1.5kHz-20 kHz).
  • Smooth 12dB per octave musical filter slopes.
  • EQ/Filter circuit can be placed Pre or Post the distortion circuits.
  • Sum mode feeds the input to all 3 distortion circuits simultaneously.
  • Continuously variable dry/wet Mix control.
  • 500 Series format.
  • Manufactured in the UK.

Punishr is available in the IK through KMR Audio at an RRP of £649 inc. VAT (£540.83 ex-VAT).


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