LiquidSonics has added the Lustrous Plates Surround reverb plug-in to a line-up that already includes Cinematic Rooms, Seventh Heaven.

With full Atmos compatibility, Lustrous Plates Surround is a ‘rich and luxurious’ contemporary plate reverb with ten models for use in surround and Atmos mixes up to 7.1.6. Designed with multichannel music mixing in mind, it is presently the only plate reverb offering a fully decorrelated reverberation algorithm.

LiquidSonics Lustrous Plates Surround‘The reverb excels at phase artefact free fold-down, essential when mixing or remixing for home and headphones-focused Atmos delivery formats,’ the company says. ‘It is ideal whether you are bringing classic tracks featuring plate reverbs into Atmos or working on original surround pieces calling for the distinctive sound of plate reverberation.’

The surround edition has all the features of the stereo edition including the even diffusion and spectral decay of ten hardware plates, while bringing enhancements and new features specifically targetting the needs of today’s rapid surround production workflows.

Modelled on ten plates including a very rare gold foil unit, extensive measurements were taken from each giving a realistic reverberant tone to each. These include Chrome, a rich, full bodied plate with a classic plate multi-band decay profile; Silver, a light, airy plate with de-emphasised low-mids for enhanced clarity; Steel, which is similar to the chrome plate with a reduced low band decay time; Rhodium, a bright and rich plate with neutral decay; Beryllium, a very reflective metal plate with a bright tone; Corbomite, a dense and heavy plate; Iridium a dense plate with a emphasised low decay profile; Osmium, a rich reverb capable of very clean, short ambiences; Platinum, adense and bright plate with rich lows on longer decays; and Gold, a simulation of the rare ‘gold foil’ 240 compact plate reverberator.

Lustrous Plates Surround provides a level of independent control over the direct and cross-feed signals crucial to achieving great results with surround reverbs.

A plate typically has an immediate onset, but the surround edition provides bloom and delay controls to allow the reverb to spread gently across the surround field. Level and delay allow you to control when and how much of a signal propagates into adjacent surround channels. They also typically have a robust low end, especially when the decay times are towards the upper end of the range. High- and low-cut filters with selectable roll-off curves can be used (6, 12, 18 and 24dB) to control low-end weight and high end sizzle.

LiquidSonics has been working with industry leading audio professionals, including Andy Bradfield, Emre Ramazanoglu and Simon Franglen, to ensure that Lustrous Plates Surround maintains the essence of a plate coupled with the channel count needed for modern Dolby Atmos and Spatial Audio mixing tasks.

The plug-in is available to buy from the LiquidSonics Store for US$249. A surround edition licence will also unlock the standard edition. Current owners of a perpetual licence for Lustrous Plates may upgrade for US$50 from the LiquidSonics store.


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