SSL’s latest plug-in release, Native X-Echo tecreates the sound of tape delays of the 1960s and ’70s

Inspired by the sound of early tape delay hardware, X-Echo adds SSL’s advanced workflow and a host of forward-thinking production tools. Able to deliver traditional tape delay effects and classic slapback, X-Echo is also capable of more contemporary creative delays effects commonly found in electronic music. Features include four switchable tape heads syncable to note value, DAW or MS with a single click, classic SSL style saturation, built-in de-esser, advanced waveform visualisation and a new ‘lo-fi’ SSL reverb processor.

Solid State Logic Native X-EchoX-Echo combines tape-style signal degradation and soft compression with classic SSL-style distortion characteristics, accessible with dedicated Wow & Flutter and Saturation controls. The plug-in also features Feedback control and Freeze and Kill functions, ideal for controlling delay length and build-ups.

Other features include EQ Loop/filtering and SSL Mix Lock. There is a custom Diffusion control, as well as a built-in in De-esser for controlling build-up of energy at certain frequencies and sibilance that tape echoes often accentuate. X-Echo also includes a Stereo Width processor that uses a custom phase shifting technique, allowing users to control the width of delay lines.

X-Echo is available in several formats, including VST2, VST3, AAX and AU at a cost of US$199 or as part of the SSL Complete Bundle Subscription.

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