Nugen Audio has announced Paragon ST, a mono/stereo-only version of its convolution reverb software for music production applications featuring music-focused controls for stereo width, modulation and mic distance, along with a pre-delay tempo lock.

Nugen Audio Paragon STLike its predecessor, the Paragon ST convolution reverb marries the realism of Impulse Responses (IR) with the tweak-ability of a classic algorithmic reverb. Additionally, Paragon and Paragon ST feature spectral analysis and precise IR EQ, and zero time-stretching, which means no artefacts. Further, both reverbs provide technology for re-synthesis of authentic IRs and HPF and LPF per channel.

The new stereo width controls, based on the technology of Nugen’s Stereoizer plug-in, provides instant stereo enhancement with the assurance of mono compatibility and no unwanted artefacts. Like the Stereoizer software, the Paragon stereo widening feature offers a more coherent sound to ensure a mix sounds good in both stereo and mono.

A new mic distance control adjusts the level of the early reverb reflections, giving the impression that the affected sound is either closer to or further away from the listener, without adjusting the characteristics of the space itself. This ensures that the room size and decay time of the space will sound the same while the perceived distance from the listener will change. The modulation function gives users a greater level of creativity and a dynamic character to the reverb. Additionally, the pre-delay tempo lock anchors the reverb pre-delay, also known as the time delay between the dry signal and the reverb signal, to the beats per minute (BPM) of the project.

‘After launching Paragon to the film and TV industry to great reception, we knew we had to build a solution for our friends in music production as well,’ says Nugen Audio CEO, Paul Tapper. ‘This new, mono/stereo-only version will give producers access to a purity of sound found from our state-of-the-art technology, which is based on the incredible research of D. Jez Wells. Additionally, our newest software update means that Paragon and Paragon ST users, alike, will have access to an even wider range of creative tools, for everything from music singles to complete film scores.’

These new features are available immediately to Paragon and Paragon ST customers, and as a software update for current Paragon users. Paragon ST has an MSRP of US$299 (+tax).


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