API 527ASince its debut more than 12 years ago, the API 527 has found popularity with mixing engineers around the world. Designed with maximum user flexibility in mind, the 527 offers fast compression and a characteristically punchy tone coupled with the sound of API’s ‘analogue warmth’.

With thousands of 527’s currently in service, API has announced an updated version of the original 527, now called the 527A. Carefully retaining the circuit structure and sound of the original, the 527A offers the same performance, but with an expanded feature set which includes improved LED Monitoring of gain reduction and a hard bypass option.

Features common to the line include feed forward (new) and feed-back (old) gain reduction methods selectable on the front panel, provide a choice of ‘old way’ or ‘new way’ compression, for high flexibility in signal gain control. The ‘old way’ or feed-back method is what most of the classic compressors used for the gain control circuit. The ‘new way’ gain reduction is more typical of VCA-type compressors using RMS detectors for gain control voltage.

Two or more 527A Compressor/Limiters can be linked together via a DC link allowing multiple units to be combined for stereo and multichannel applications. A full list of features and specifications can be found on the 527A product page of API’s website.

‘The improvements were largely made to bring the 527A into conformity with the newer 529 and also the 2500+,’ says API Director of Engineering, Todd Humora. ‘This makes the feature set more consistent across our entire line of VCA compressors.’

Key features:

  • Feed-forward or feed-back compression.
  • Hard or soft knee compression.
  • Thrust switch for frequency-dependent sidechain control.
  • Continuously variable, 31 position detented Threshold control.
  • Continuously variable, 31 position detented Ratio control.
  • Continuously variable, 31 position detented Attack and Release.
  • Continuously variable, 31 position detented output level control.
  • Ten-segment gain reduction/vu meter (GR/Output).
  • Overload LED.
  • In switch with soft and hard relay bypass.
  • Audio circuit uses 2510 and 2520 discrete op-amps.

More: www.apiaudio.com

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