Waves Audio has released the Vocal Production suite, offering ‘the best-sounding tools to produce your vocal tracks’. The bundle covers the ability to tune, pitch-shift, bend, synthesise, fix, mix and add effects to vocal sounds, with plug-ins used to produce artists from Beyoncé to Drake to Billie Eilish.

Waves Audio Vocal Production suiteThe Vocal Production suite includes 15 of Waves’ most popular vocal plug-ins, to help produce and mix studio-quality vocals that sound modern, professional, creative and polished. These are: Waves Tune Real-Time for real-time creative vocal tuning; OVox Vocal ReSynthesis next-generation voice-controlled synth and vocal FX plug-in; Vocal Bender for pitch-shifted Travis Scott-style vocal sound; Vocal Rider, for automatically keeping vocal levels consistent; R-Vox vocal compressor (used on every Beyoncé vocal); Waves Tune for surgical-precision vocal pitch correction; Sibilance, Renaissance DeEsser and DeBreath, for removing unwanted vocal breaths and sibilance; Doubler for classic vocal doubling and backing vocals enhancement; as well as five classic reverb, delay, EQ and compression plug-ins to complete pro-quality vocal production and mixing’

‘Whether it’s hip-hop, rock, pop or R&B, the vocal is the most important part of your productions,’ the company says. ‘The Waves Vocal Production suite ensures your vocals receive the sound and musical creativity they deserve.’

More: www.waves.com/bundles/vocal

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