Waves Audio has released the Content Creator Audio Toolkit bundle for podcasters, YouTubers and creators of live-streamed content.

Waves Content Creator Audio ToolkitThe bundle comprises four plug-ins including the new Waves Playlist Rider plug-in – the NS1 Automatic Noise Suppressor for removing distracting background noise; the Greg Wells VoiceCentric tool that combines EQ, compression and de-essing into one smart control; Playlist Rider for automatically smoothing out the levels of multiple audio sources in the same podcast, live stream or video; and WLM Plus Loudness Meter to optimise loudness levels for YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other major platforms.

The plug-ins in the Waves Content Creator Audio Toolkit include presets for all major content platforms, including Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts and Apple Music, and are compatible with major DAWs plus video and audio editing software.

Waves Playlist Rider is a set-and-forget volume management plug-in that helps content creators balance the volume of multiple sources (host, guest, music playlist, audio clips), automatically and in real time to assure natural and consistent levels throughout a show. This feature accommodates the use of multiple audio sources without the need to ride the channel faders manually or write volume automation slopes in postproduction.

Unlike limiters, Playlist Rider preserves the dynamics of your sources by adjusting their volume in real time. To achieve super-smooth results, Playlist Rider can ignore low-volume parts, like background noise or music fade-ins and fade-outs, using a dedicated input detector threshold. It can also normalise audio sources to pink tonal curves, to smooth out tonal differences between sources and further improve programme consistency.

Playlist Rider is also useful to live sound engineers and pro audio tech personnel who want to automatically balance programme sources (DJ background music, YouTube, Smartphone, VTR), before or after live shows and during corporate events. The plug-in runs in most major audio and video editing software, as well as in Waves’ eMotion LV1 Live Mixer and SuperRackplug-in host.

‘With Playlist Rider and the other plug-ins in the Waves Content Creator Audio Toolkit, you can achieve superior audio quality in literally seconds – courtesy of Waves’ industry-standard plug-ins, used in major recording and postproduction studios all over the globe,’ the company says. ‘Don’t treat audio as an afterthought – improve the audio quality of your content with the most popular tools in the industry.’

More: www.waves.com

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