DAW plug-in and audio DSP developer Fuse Audio Labs has announced the VPre-2C, a new plug-in based on a rare all-tube, transformer-based booster amp whose basic circuit design has been used in countless tube consoles for broadcast and recording during the late-1950 and early-1960s.

Fuse Audio Labs VPre-2CThe VPre-2C’s lower gain settings produce a well-defined, balanced sound with an accentuated midrange, while turning up this level-compensated control significantly increases the perception of warmth, weight and smoothness.

The VPre-2C’s hardware forerunner used two triode-strapped 6J7 pentodes for a rich harmonic distortion spectrum as well as a transformer configuration optimised for its signature low-end. The new plug-in adds a selectable pre/de-emphasis filter and a mix control for a greater variety of tones. Another exclusive feature is its Boost mode — for kicking in more solid drive and coloration.

‘Creating VPre-2C was a fun project,’ says Fuse Audio Labs CEO, Reimund Dratwa. ’Rebuilding and modeling the original circuit was a rather straightforward affair, but tweaking this classic amplifier into a versatile and easy-to-use tone box in the digital domain required some thought for sure! The result really is a ticket back in time to deliver that wonderful vintage sound whenever anyone hears it calling out to them.’

VPre-2C is available at an introductory promo price of €24.50 until 7 March 2020, rising to its regular price of €49.

More: https://fuseaudiolabs.com

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