The studio chorus effect introduced by Roland in the 1979 with the ‘bucket brigade’ delay line-based SDD320 Dimension D chorus is famous for its spatialisation, and subtle modulation processing. Capable of generating a stereo image from a mono source and enhancing stereo sound sources, it was renowned through the 1980s as the ‘secret sauce’ favoured by the likes of Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Klark Teknik 3RD DimensionSubsequently modelled by Universal Audio in the Studio D plug-in and providing the basis for the Boss DC2w Dimension C stompbox, its legacy continues with the 3RD Dimension BBD-320 2U-high (as the original) hardware unit from Klark Teknik, as ‘an affordable analogue multi-dimensional signal processor that can recreate those classic tones that so many amazing artists have used in countless releases’.

The BBD-320’s processing is based onanalogue bucket brigade (BBD) technology, following the original 1980s circuitry, which is supported by an analogue signal path. Similarly, the controls on the BBD-320 are as simple as Roland’s original – there are no speed, tone or depth knobs, leaving four push-buttons to allow selection of chorus depth from a subtle warble to more intense chorus.

As with the original Dimension D, pressing multiple buttons at the same time stacks choruses. The effect can also be remotely switched via a footswitch connected to the quarter-inch input located at the front of the BBD-320. A ten-segment LED meter is also included for easily monitoring the output level.

The rear panel hosts servo-balanced inputs and outputs with quarter-inch TRS and gold plated XLR connectors, which will provide either stereo or mono.


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