Antelope Audio has brought Antares Audio Technologies to its recently-announced Synergy Core signal processing platform. Antares is the first key software company to partner with Antelope Audio on its Synergy Core platform.

Antares Auto-Tune SynergySynergy Core combines the computational capabilities of FPGA processing with digital signal processing as employed in the company’s Discrete 4 Synergy Core, Discrete 8 Synergy Core and Orion Studio Synergy Core audio interfaces. Auto-Tune Synergy is a custom plug-in using Synergy Core hardware acceleration to deliver the Auto-Tune pitch correction and vocal effects with ultra-low latency.

Ultra-low latency suits Auto-Tune Synergy to real-time performance, on stage or in the studio. Retune Speed, Humanize and Flex-Tune controls allow for everything from transparent pitch correction to the ‘Auto-Tune Effect’ found on countless hits. Classicmode is included to deliver the distinctive ‘Auto- Tune 5 sound’ –a classic among artists, audio engineers, and producers through its use on iconic pop recordings.

Additionally, Auto-Tune Synergy is fully compatible with Antares’ Auto-Key plug-in (sold separately). Auto-Key automatically detects the key and scale of the composition concerned and sends that information to Auto-Tune Synergy, saving valuable time in the studio. Auto-Tune Synergy is also compatible with Antelope Audio’s Edge Go, the world’s first bus-powered modelling microphone (allowing access to a killer collection of effects modelled on classic studio gear.

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