Louder Than Liftoff’s Chroma+ is a highly customisable stereo/dual mono tracking and mixing channel with designed for hybrid studios.

Featuring Line, DI, and Mic modes, Chroma+ is both a line-level processor for groups or mix bus, and a preamp for instrument and mic level sources.

Louder Than Liftoff Chroma+ Chroma+ uses twin topology (A or N) line processor and mic/instrument amp and adds an an analogue plug-in slot in each channel accepting Colour Modules. This feature allows additional processing like tube saturation, compression or additional EQ bands to be inserted into the signal path and mixed with the unit’s ‘A’ or ‘N’ inspired Mojo amps. There’s also a Mega Mono Mode for cascading Chroma+ into a four-stage channel strip.

At the heart of Chroma are two Mojo Amps inspired by large-format consoles – American (A), and British (N). These Mojo Amps lend their characteristic sonic footprints to any signal passing through the circuit. Like the larger Silver Bullet, Chroma+ is the only processor of its kind that allows you to enable A or N sonics at the push of a button. Auditioning these two signature sounds during a session no longer requires re-patching or swapping preamps.

The FET-input DI was developed for the front end of Chroma+ to offer high definition, punch, and low-end girth for instrument level sources. It is capable of both stereo and dual-mono operation. Synths, samplers, guitars and basses can be plugged directly into the auto-switching front panel jacks for the full amplification, saturation, and tone-shaping that Chroma+ offers.

A switchable Retro Mode provides two distinct tonal personalities to the DI. In the ‘out’ position the sound is modern – detailed in the mids and highs, and extended through the lower octaves. When Retro Mode is engaged the tone becomes more rounded and vintage, with a tighter bottom end and mellower high end. Retro Mode is intended for vintage bass tones and sweeping 80s synth sounds. The second DI input can be configured as a Thru jack for the first, via an internal jumper.

In addition to offering both stereo and dual-mono operation, Chroma+ is capable of becoming a Mega Mono channel to facilitate more creative processing chains. When the CH 1>2 switch is engaged, the output of Channel 1 feeds into the input of Channel 2 and put the power of two Chromas in series.

Chroma+ is the first product that features a PSU with Hypermattertechnology, claiming unparalleled noise, voltage regulation and transient response performance. The Hypermatter PSU architecture uses a four-layer PCB, LDO regulators, and high-quality components.

Key features:

  • Mic or Mix/Line/Instrument mode.
  • 48V phantom power.
  • Polarity Reverse.
  • Mix/Line/Instrument Gain: 0 to +26dB, +26 to +52dB (High Gain mode).
  • Mic Gain: +8 to +34dB, +34 to +60dB (High Gain mode).
  • Selectable ‘A’ and ‘N’ inspired Mojo Amps.
  • Two Colour-compatible analogue plug-in slots.
  • Colour Drive: -6 to +18dB.
  • Colour Mix: crossfade blend of processed and dry signal.
  • Auto-switching stereo DI inputs for Instruments.
  • Feeds entire Chroma signal path for Mojo Amp coloration and Colour slot processing.
  • Retro Mode alters loading and frequency response for a rounder tone.
  • DI gain = +10dB, selectable via internal jumper to 0/+20dB.
  • DI 2 input can be configured as a THRU jack via an internal jumper.
  • Mega Mono channel mode (CH 1>2) feeds Channel 1 output into Channel 2 input.
  • Baxandall Tone Boost EQ.
  • LF (+3dB): Pultec-inspired Subsonic (30Hz) and Bass (60Hz) frequencies.
  • HF (+4dB): Presence and Air frequencies.
  • Vintage: softens high-frequency response to emulate vintage British consoles.
  • Custom American made transformers.
  • Rogue Five proprietary discrete op-amps.
  • Signal present indicator and bi-directional meter.
  • Powered by new ultra-low noise Hypermatter PSU.

More: www.louderthanliftoff.com

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