SPL has announced the Gemini, a Mid-Side (M/S) encoder and decoder, expanding the German manufacturer’s suite of 120V Mastering Series components.

SPL Gemini‘Our new Gemini M/S processor adds even more access for mastering engineers to enhance a stereo recording,’ says Hermann Gier, Managing Director at SPL. ‘Combined with other SPL components, such as the Hermes router, Gemini Mid-Side encoding and decoding becomes a powerful new tool for engineers to make the best sounding audio masters for their clients.’

Using Gemini, mid signals in the centre of the stereo field-such as voice, snare, or bass-can clearly be separated from the left and right side signals and individually processed.

The Gemini M/S processor also works on the stereo panorama using several front panel controls. With the Balance control the user can position the mid signal within the stereo panorama. With the Trim control users can adjust the level of the mid signal in relation to the side signal, and with the ‘Stereo Width’ control, the mixing ratio of both channels can be adjusted simultaneously. Gemini also features an ‘Elliptical Filter’ that moves low-frequency content from the Side into the Mid.

Pairing Gemini and the SPL Hermes Mastering Router enables further possibilities. If the M/S encoder and decoder stages of Gemini are each paired with an insert on Hermes, the user can freely choose a position for the M/S encoder and decoder within the processing chain. For example, placing the M/S Encoder on the third position and an equaliser on the fourth insert allows for separate processing of the mid and side signal, and then placing the M/S Decoder stage of the Gemini on the fifth position generates a LR stereo signal. If the user wants to add a compressor as a further device for M/S processing, they can place it on Position 5 of the Hermes-the M/S Decoder stage would then move to Position 6.

SPL’s 120V audio rail technology offers increased headroom of up to +34dB and a dynamic range of over 141dB.

Gemini has a street price of US$2,799 and is available now from dealers in the US and Canada through distributor Focal Naim America (formerly Audio Plus Services).

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