Eventide has announced the release of the Instant Phaser Mk.II plug-in for Mac/PC.

Crafted from the original analogue hardware that Eventide created in 1972, the Instant Phaser Mk-II delivers the original sonic character and retains the same look and feel of the first rackmount electronic effects box to ever hit the studio, and used on iconic recordings such as Led Zeppelin’s ‘Kashmir’.

Eventide  Instant Phaser Mk.II plug-in

Restoring 45-year-old hardware and developing software that sounds like the original presented an appealing challenge: ‘A true recreation of the Instant Phaser had to satisfy not only our ears but also the ears for the studio owners and the pro audio community who still own and use the original hardware,’ says Eventide MD, Anthony Agnello.

‘A strict digital simulation of an analogue component is precise. Components in the real world are not. A 0.1uF capacitor in cold precise code will be exact while a real world 0.1 uF cap’s actual value will fall within some range close to, but never exactly, 0.1uF. We discovered that the imprecision of the values of the analogue components are key to the Instant Phaser’s sonic character. The challenge was to write code that captured that imprecision.

‘This isn’t your typical phaser plug-in, this is owning a piece of history. We’re pleased to release an authentic recreation of the world’s first and cherished rackmount electronic effects processor.’

Key features:

  • · Manual mode allows precise automation of the phasing effect.
  • · Oscillator modulates the phasing at a user-defined rate.
  • · Envelope follower allows the input signal to drive the phase effect, and can accept input from a sidechain.
  • · Remote mode maps the phasing control to a modwheel for tactile manipulation of the phasing.

Like the original hardware, the Instant Phaser Mk.II provides a pair of de-correlated outputs offering three different sonic characteristics – Shallow, Deep and Wide – for creating a stereo image. Musicians, engineers and producers can use these effects to turn flat-sounding mono guitars into monstrous stereo leads or make a single channel synthesiser fill out the soundscape of the mix. Eventide’s analysis of its original Instant Phaser unit revealed that not only is the analogue world imprecise, but it is also ever-changing. As components age, their values drift. In order to match the sound of an Instant Phaser that has been sitting in a rack for all those years, they decided to add an Age feature – set to ‘0’, it mimics a new, perfectly tuned Phaser, while ‘100’ anticipated ongoing aging characteristics.

The Instant Phaser Mk II plug-in is available for Mac & PC and is compatible with popular DAWs, in AAX, VST2, and AU formats. Registered owners of the Eventide Anthology X or Anthology XI bundles can get the Instant Phaser Mk.II as a free download, available immediately.

More: www.evetintideaudio.com

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