Following the MixChecker mix-assisting plug-in, Czech innovator Audified has released MixChecker Pro, promising to ‘transform studio monitors into classic reference monitors or one of several consumer devices to quickly and easily ensure that studio mixes translate to other environments’.

Audified MixChecker ProMixChecker Pro retains the ease-of-use as the original MixChecker, and adds features to simulate surroundings and devices. Numerous simulations span vintage and modern reference monitors of assorted sizes (including a ‘cube’), PA systems, computer audio systems, TV systems, smartphones, in-ear monitors, DJ headphones automotive sound systems, portable radios and home hi-fi. MixChecker Pro adds exterior environments, ranging from outdoor streets and parks, through malls, subways and stations, to bars and buses.

Switching between simulations is balanced by normalisation of the overall gain of all devices using an algorithm derived from the LKFS (Loudness, K-weighted, relative to Full Scale) standard designed to enable normalisation of audio levels for delivery of broadcast TV and other video (as standardised in ITU-R BS.1770-3).

Where the original MixChecker simulates the linear behaviour of the devices, MixChecker Pro adds modelling of nonlinear behaviour and updates the original signal processing code to achieve phase linearity, lower latency and better resolution in all parts of the frequency spectrum. Therefore, the linear part of the model uses transfer function modelling by fixed-pole parallel filters that are based on a dual-band warped filter design using a warped frequency scale so the frequency resolution of the model takes into account the frequency resolution of the auditory system, while the dual-band design brings even more precise modelling at low frequencies without reducing precision at high frequencies. Further, the parallel structure of second-order minimum-phase filters enable extremely low latency, minimal phase distortion, and high stability.

The nonlinear part of the model uses a proprietary model based on the Wiener model but introduces dynamic nonlinearity and frequency-dependent nonlinearities while maintaining low CPU load. This extended model makes use of technology that maintains constant energy of the output signal for all distortion levels to allow for simulation of distortion produced by the chosen device at a higher SPL without increasing the SPL produced by the monitors in use. Significantly, this also protects studio monitors against mechanical damage.

Distortion level is calibrated in real SPL measured at a distance of 1m in free field, while all characteristics of the devices used for identification of model parameters were measured using Audio Precision’s APx525 audio analyser with acoustic option in an anechoic chamber; headphones, however, were measured using a Brüel & Kjær Type 4128-C Hats (Head And Torso Simulator) system.

MixChecker Pro is also able to add audio background noise with adjustable volume; when selecting simulations of headphones, for example, the path of the noise through the headphones and ears is simulated, so the user hears a realistic combination of the mix playing from the headphones and also outside noise coming through the headphones.

A new Edit mode enables quick assignation of any simulated device to any device button, setting of distortion amount for that device, and adjustment of the stereo base width and volume of the device.

MixChecker Pro comes with web browser, mobile phone and tablet control, and is shipping with an MSRP of US$199.


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