Unfiltered Audio SpecOps

Plugin Alliance has announced SpecOps from California company Unfiltered Audio, a plug-in offering 36 spectral effects for sound designers and electronic music producers.

SpecOps allows application of frequency-dependent gain, compression or distortion to be applied to sources such as drums or vocals with spectral accuracy and a unique workflow.

Using FFT analysis, the plug-in splits audio into hundreds or thousands of frequency slices (bins), which can be manipulated by a slew of onboard spectral effects – including usual (such as Filter, Freeze and Clip) and unique selections (such as Contrast or Decapitate) on one of three fully-adjustable bands that can zero in on parts of the source’s spectra at extremely high resolutions.

An onboard Spectral Compander compresses or expands per-frequency-slice (per-bin), so dynamics of anywhere between 128 to 32,786 slices (based on the FFT Size setting) are individually analysed and treated simultaneously.

There are also a number of global parameters, including a super-clean Pitch Shifter that goes up or down an octave; Speed and Freeze controls that smear and lock SpecOps’ sample analysis; and a two-pole analogue-style low-pass filter.

A freely-assignable modulation system offers a higher state of interaction, including seven built-in modulators – a16-step sequencer; input follower; sample and hold noise; four different LFOs; macro control (can be used with any Midi controller); and a Roli Lightpad module (for hands-on control courtesy of Roli’s Lightpad Block controller), all of which can be routed simultaneously to any and all control knobs and sliders via drag-and-drop-style ‘cables’.

SpecOps spans moderate processing for music production to severe manipulation for sound design.

SpecOps is available for purchase as AAX AudioSuite, AAX Native, AU, VST2 and VST3 formats for Mac OS-X (10.8–10.12), Windows (7–10), and Pro Tools 10.3.10 or higher from Plugin Alliance, with an MSRP of US$129.

More: www.plugin-alliance.com

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