Lawo has announced new software for its mc² consoles and Nova73 HD router.

The main components of the Version 4.12 release include support for Lawo’s Remote App for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad; the AMBIT upmix algorithm, which offers automatic high-quality stereo to 5.1 conversion; support for a new 3G SDI card; and a new GUI page for control of the mxDSP card 64x64 summing matrix.


AMBIT Main Display
AMBIT Main Display
AMBIT is a new DSP module available for all surround channels that require upmix of any stereo source to 5.1. It can be used for instant creation of a consistent surround sound format when only stereo is available. AMBIT features brand new algorithms including the Lawo Auto Centering function. This enables retention of a stable front image when dealing with varying content.

  • Available on any surround channel
  • Real-time processing within the very low latency of a Lawo DSP channel
  • Fully downmix compatible
  • All settings can be recalled via production data and/or snapshots
  • AMBIT is free of charge

Lawo Remote app

Lawo’s first iPhone compatible app is fully supported by the v4.12 release. Via WLAN, all the console’s basic functions – such as Fader, Mute, Snapshots and user buttons – can be controlled from the remote Apple device. For example, user buttons can be simply assigned to create a mini monitor panel for the director, or to remote control GPIs on the studio floor or stage. Many more custom functions can be easily set up to control mc² series consoles and Nova73 HD routers.

This app is available as a free download from the Apple App Store.

3G SDI card

A new 3G SDI card is now available, and is fully compatible with v4.12. With this card, the 16 audio channels of the  full resolution production standard 3G SDIcan be de-embedded, embedded, processed and (transparently) routedwithin the Lawo audio network. The SDI card provides a 16x16 matrix for the de-embedder and a 32x16 matrix for the embedder. Additional features of the new card include: every audio channel in the embedder can be individually delayed; video delay, word length reduction with dithering, SRC or bit transparency; a ‘Clean’ mode for re-organizing audio within the SDI stream.

Third-party integration

Lawo has always set standards when it comes to the integration of third-party devices, and now provides the ability to remote control other computers, easily and efficiently. Version 4.12 software enables connection to any networked computer via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). The remote control could be of a VSM Touch panel from the mc²56 channel display or control of ProTools or Riedel configuration software, as well as several other systems. The controlled computer can be running Windows, Linux or Mac OS. As many computers as are required can be flexibly remote controlled from the same screen or from different screens.

Additional useful features in this release include an automatic software update of all Dallis Stageboxes from the control system; an enhanced Audio Follow Video function; a new intuitive and simple routing protect for all destinations has been implemented, and a new tone generator is now available on all MkII routers.


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