Version 3.0 firmware for Yamaha’s MTX3/MTX5-D matrix processors and MRX7-D open architecture signal processor brings multiple channels of Dan Dugan auto microphone mixing to all models.

Yamaha MTX3/MTX5-D matrix processorsAddressing the diverse needs of the corporate market, and the requirement for presentation and conference systems that are both flexible and easy to set up and use, Dugan automixing is now standard on MTX/MRX processors and available as a free firmware upgrade to existing users.

Yamaha has worked with Dan Dugan Sound Design on automixing for its digital mixing consoles and, more recently, the MRX7-D. With MTX/MRX series v3.0 firmware, Yamaha has significantly enhanced this feature on the MRX7-D and is offering it as a standard feature on the MTX3/MTX5-D for the first time, providing an effective, efficient conferencing solution for all budgets. Dugan automixing automatically raises the gain on microphones that receive input, and lowers the gain on microphones for which there is no input, adjusting each input sound to create overall constant gain. It eliminates the need for fader operations and keeps the howling margin at an equal level.

With the new firmware, the MTX3 features up to four channels of Dugan automatic mixing. When used in conjunction with the feedback suppressor function, it is possible to build a simple presentation system that can be used without any specialised technical knowledge or skill on the part of the operator.

For multipurpose rooms with partitions, the MTX5-D can be used, with a maximum of eight Dugan automixing channels for a single room space, or a maximum of four independent Dugan channels apiece when the space is divided in two. This offers flexible usage of rooms for multiple applications.

The maximum number of automatic mixer channels on the MRX7-D has been expanded from 16 to 24. This makes it possible to adequately handle conference rooms with many participants and microphones. By also using the MRX7-D’s Acoustic Echo Canceller (AEC) function, echo problems that often occur during remote conferences are eliminated. This offers convenient functionality for a wider range of conference room applications, such as building a comfortable remote conferencing system with clearer sound.

Version 3.0 firmware also offers additional functions, such as switching between sources on the MTX/MRX, group mute allocation and configuring the prioritisation of microphones through the Dugan ‘override’ allocation, via remote control over wireless DCP using smart devices such as an iPad or Android device and/or Yamaha’s DCP series digital control panels.

Functionality has also been added for directly transferring data created on a PC – such as the ProVisionaire Touch iPad app setting files, background images, PDF data and more – to an iPad.

Further, on the MRX7-D Matrix Mixer a choice of 40, 48 or 56 I/O channels can now be selected, making it possible to design the channels of an audio system according to scale through the effective use of DSP resources.

Following this update, AES67 compatibility will be implemented on the Dante-enabled MTX/MRX processors and XMV series power amplifiers from summer 2017. AES67 provides audio transport potential between facilities or areas which are using otherwise incompatible systems and, with Yamaha CL/QL/R-series networked mixing systems already compatible, this new development greatly expands the scope for more Yamaha systems to integrate with AES67 compatible network solutions, such as Q-LAN, Ravenna and Livewire, in addition to Dante.


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