Audient is marking its 20th anniversary and the success of its flagship ASP8024 console with the launch of ASP8024: Heritage Edition, which it is calling ‘the definitive version of David Dearden’s classic design’.

Audient ASP8024: Heritage EditionBuilding on the console’s existing features, Heritage Edition comes with a new look as well as an array of enhancements. Among them, the ASP8024-HE features new variable mix bus technology, Retro Iron.

‘By using an all-discrete and warm sounding output amplifier with Carnhill output transformers, Retro Iron adds punch and “vibe” to the consoles’ mix output,’ Technical Director Tom Waterman explains. ‘We based this design on two custom consoles from David’s first job in 1970 at the now legendary Advision Studios in London. The circuits used are a homage to the finest in late 1960s American & British console technology, but remain unique to the ASP8024-HE.’

When engaged, the Retro Iron output card also provides subtle Low Bump and High Lift Mix EQ – inspired by classic mastering equalisers – that can be switched individually. The main mix bus has also been upgraded, with John Hardy Co 990C discrete amplifiers as standard for superior and quieter performance.

The classic VCA mix bus compressor now has “smoother” make-up gain circuitry, includes a slick gain reduction meter and a high pass filter in the compressor’s sidechain: Bass Expand. ‘This little tool tightens up mixes and adds punch without destroying the low end, particularly useful for bass-heavy productions,’ Waterman says.

‘Our Midnight Raven colourway, vintage knobs, chunky fader caps, premium walnut armrest and British design theme have all been chosen specifically to create a visually stunning centrepiece, as well as making the console more intuitive than ever,” Waterman adds.

Further improvements include the addition of a monitoring grade headphone amplifier; latching footswitch triggers for remote hands-free talkback; Alps Blue Velvet main monitor pot with custom aluminium knob for that solid ‘everyday’ feel; an improved FaderLinkT plug-in (now 64-bit AAX, AU & VST compatible) controlling eight channels of patchable DAW integrated VCA automation for the Dual Layer Control (DLC) module and an improved, whisper-quiet power supply.

The ASP8024-HE retains fully-featured in-line architecture; simple, intuitive design; flexible, powerful four-band EQ; class-A mic preamplifiers (used across the entire product range); comprehensive monitor control and a range of modular options including DLC, integrated 24-/36-/48-channel Patchbays or Producers’ Desks.

‘Much more than just a facelift, the re-imagining of the ASP8024-HE ensures that this console, which has been first choice for studios and educational facilities for the past 18 years, maintains its status as a “modern classic”, and cements David Dearden’s heritage alongside his timeless design,’ says Waterman.

Key features:
• 80+ Inputs (24- to 72 -channel versions).
• Retro Iron variable mix bus.
• Audient class-A mic preamplifiers.
• Four-band splittable EQ.
• Mix bus VCA compressor with bass expand.
• John Hardy 990C discrete mix amplifiers.
• In-line architecture.
• Comprehensive monitor control.
• Monitoring grade headphone Ooutput.
• 48V talkback mic.
• 24-track Bus Routing (option for 48-channel split bus mod available).
• 14 aux buses
• Modular construction
• Whisper quiet linear PSU.
• Walnut armrest/midnight raven colourway.

The ASP8024-HE is expected to ship shortly, and will maintain a competitive RRP: 24 channels from £17,100 (US$32,800 MAP).


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