OnAir 3000Studer has announced OnAir v6.1 software, a free update for its OnAir digital mixing consoles adding loudness metering, a delay function, improved AoIP support with Dante, automated gain calibration and BSS Blu link support.

OnAir v6.1 software supports loudness metering as an option for the main screen of OnAir 3000 consoles. It offers EBU R128, ITU-R BS.1770-3/1771-1 compliant loudness metering, covering single-channel and summing bargraphs, Loudness Range (integrated value, short term, momentary), true peak and numeric views. The physical presentation of both loudness (R128) and peak-programme metering is software-based and emulates a twin-indicator meter display.

The delay function is a 5s delay option for OnAir 1500, OnAir 2500 and OnAir 3000 consoles, according to available DSP processing. Summing bus delay for all master channels include an pre-delayed output to be used for output routing and monitoring. It is configurable as mono/stereo/surround in the OnAir Config Tool. The OnAir 1500 has stereo delay of 400ms on programme bus.

OnAir v6.1 supports the new Studer D21m Dante interface providing, Dante 64 I/Os. This allows connection of an OnAir console into a Dante audio network with the D21m Dante interface and operates the OnAir mixing desk with other Dante devices.

As an addition to the VMix function that was introduced with OnAir software 6.0, this release brings automated gain calibration for mic input sources to OnAir consoles. Once levels are measured and set up in rehearsal before a show, the stored parameter can be loaded and activated with a single click. The combination of VMix and gain calibration will enable any operator to run a discussion or interview in a fast and secure way with less effort.

OnAir v6.1 introduces support for the new Studer D21m Blu link card. This card is a 32 x 32 interface between a console and the Soundweb London digital audio bus, informally known as Blu link. The card allows connection to a wide variety of Harman products equipped with a Blu link interface, such as BSS London Blu 800, dbx PMC or Crown PIP‐Blu interfaces among others.

More: www.studer.ch
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