5060 CenterpieceRupert Neve Designs has released the 5060 Centerpiece 24x2 Desktop Mixer, bringing the centre section features of the company’s flagship 5088 console to the desktop. The class-A analogue design aims to ‘cement outboard equipment together with serious custom transformers, flexible monitoring, DAW transport controls and the raw power of a Rupert Neve-designed 24x2 mix-bus’.

The 5060 Centerpiece takes the 5088 into a compact, modular format with extensive interconnectivity. In a modular, hybrid analogue/digital mix system built around the Centerpiece, gear can be integrated with this mix-bus. Using modern DAW control technologies, the 5060 integrates stem outputs from the DAW with the rest of the control room, sums the final mix, and provides two-track outputs, source selection, and multiple speaker feeds from the monitor section.

Custom transformers, a class-A mix bus and variable Silk control, the 5060 can provide a wide range of tonal options. The mix bus can be driven hard and Silk/Texture used in either of two different transformer saturation modes, or Silk can be disengaged. Used in conjunction with 5059 mixers and Portico modules, the 5060 forms the centre of a completely scalable analogue system. In this arrangement, the 5059s provide individual channel control, aux routing, and expandable channel counts, the Portico modules provide preamplification, EQ and dynamics, around the 5060.

More: www.rupertneve.com

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