DiGiCo has released Version 1742 software for all SD and Quantum consoles, replacing V1619, which was rolled out a year-and-a-half ago.

DiGiCo V1742 software for SD/QuantumThe the installation of V1742 enables Quantum338 and Quantum225 owners to purchase and harness DiGiCo’s optional new Pulse software extension, increasing number of input channels, buses, and Mustard and Nodal Processors. V1742 will also offer Quantum7 and Quantum5 customers a bump in Mustard processing numbers for free.

The new software release enables DiGiCo users to benefit from Klang’s also-new KOS 5.5 upgrade, which permits standalone console integration without requiring a separate Klang control PC to run Klang:app. KOS 5.5 brings numerous enhancements, including a streamlined setup process that automatically detects the console and greatly reduces setup time. Other amenities include automatic console aux and aux node mapping/naming, as well as automatic show file load and save.

V1742 provides support for an internal Fourier Interface Card, as well as adding native worksurface control of Meyer Sound Spacemap Go and Adamson FletcherMachine.

Key updates:

  • Mix Minus added to Quantum consoles.
  • Mustard Dynamics now display on Quantum meterbridge.
  • Control Group and hard Mute indicators added to meterbridge.
  • Multi-layer view for the SD7/Quantum7 and SD5/Quantum5.
  • Separate recall scope for Klang positions.
  • Quantum852 session conversion support.
  • DMI-AVB card support.

‘V1742 represents our R&D department’s bespoke solutions to insightful customer requests over the past couple of years as well as DiGiCo’s continuing initiatives to broaden connections and interoperability with top industry partners,’ says DiGiCo MD, Austin Freshwater. ‘We’re excited for our users to experience the versatility and muscle that this new software version carries, and we look forward to continuing to help them delight their artists and audiences alike with stellar mixes.’

More: https://digico.biz

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