Merging Technologies has announced the release of the new Merging Audio Device (MAD) driver for Windows computers, offering new features and improvements to the free of charge version, along with an additional Infrastructure package for broadcasters.

Merging Technologies Merging Audio Device As the Windows driver supplied with Merging interfaces was beginning to show its age and lacked key features, the Merging team have devised a new ASIO Ravenna/AES67 device that supports Multi ASIO Clients, integrates WDM Support and includes a device discovery view. With this new driver, multiple applications running ASIO can be launched in parallel on a shared system, sharing the same sample rate and, at the same time, multiple applications running WDM can be launched in parallel and have their own sample rate automatically converted to the ASIO sample rate. This allows monitoring of the Windows system sound and any application (Spotify, YouTube, PC Sound files…) along with any ASIO applications.

The new Merging Audio Device brings more flexibility to workflows, and enables sharing of ASIO Inputs or ASIO Outputs (outputs of each client are mixed together on given channels) and bridging of clients through the MAD bridge channels. Typically, WDM channels can either be sent and mixed to the same outputs as ASIO, or redirected to the Bridge Channels so they can be routed (and recorded) to any ASIO applications.

The addition of the low-cost Infrastructure option offers broadcasters a cost-effective, controllable solutions to both the start and end points of any centralised IP network. The opening to data centres and server based installations with Virtual Machine support, the enhanced security provided by ST2022-7 and the additional discovery and control possibilities created by the inclusion of NMOS, reinforce Merging Technologies’ position as a key solution provider for the broadcast and installation industries.


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