Studiomaster’s digiLive series of remotely controllable digital mixers has been expanded with the addition of two new micro models – the digiLive 4C and digiLive 8C.

digiLive 4C and digiLive 8CThe 4C and 8C are respectively four -and eight-channel input models; the 4C having two mic/line input XLR/jacks
 and a single stereo jack/3.5mm mini jack input, and the 8C six mic/line input combo XLR/jacks and a single stereo jack/3.5mm mini jack input. All mic inputs have switchable 48V phantom power and gain control. The 4C has two FX buses and one mono aux bus, the 8C four FX buses and two mono aux busses; both models have stereo PFL and LR main outputs on balanced XLRs. As well as stereo headphone monitoring, the 4C has one, the 8C two, stereo monitor Aux/Outs, in addition to an assignable footswitch input – all on quarter-inch jacks.

Digital processing is 40-bit floating-point SHARC based, and AD/DA conversion is 48kHz, 24 bits. Both models feature a USB media player/recorder, with the USB port also supporting scene storage and system updates.

The common hardware configuration of the mixers and the html5 based web-browser GUI – operable cross-platform on mobile phone, tablet or laptop – provide an analogue approach to use, along with a suite of professional sound production features. There are the three main rotary encoders on the control surface, which enable hardware mix control, with simultaneous remote operation from mobile devices, via WiFi or LAN connection (connecting the device by a point-to-point hotspot, through a WiFi router, or a Cat5/6 LAN connection to the rear RJ45 port).

The remote control GUI has three operating modes – Full, Basic and Lock – enabling simple fader control and media playback. A four-band parametric EQ features HPF and intuitive graphic operation; in Basic Mode the EQ reverts to four-band fixed operation, and the compressor to a single compression control. Otherwise the Dynamics page offers saveable advanced Gate and Compressor settings. A 31-band graphic EQ provides comprehensive control across the LR main mix outputs.

Bus and FX routing (pre or post fade selectable) animates classic analogue control surface operation; providing at-a-glance status and with a ‘double tap’ instant fader set-to-zero function.

EQs, dynamics and effects are saveable in user presets. Other ‘big mixer’ features include channel Mutes, Mute groups and complete scene memory to store multiple scenes; onboard or on USB memory stick.

The Media Player enables ‘One Touch’ stereo playback of audio files in multiple formats, from MP3 to .WAV, via USB, along with simultaneously stereo recording of the LR output signals in .WAV.

‘Affordable digital mixing for the gigging musician or practicing band – where hands-on mixing is preferred to relying on a tablet or phone – becomes a viable choice with the digiLiVE 4C and 8C,’ says Studiomaster General Manager, Patrick Almond. ‘Combining the best of both worlds, the 4C and 8C provide hands-on level and EQ adjustment from the control surface, with full digital mixing capability from the GUI.’ Almond continues, ‘In addition to the obvious live performance capabilities, the 4C and 8C are ideal for small fixed installations, where both mic inputs and playback are needed, and operation is required to be simple yet high-quality.’


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