Zylia has announced a hardware-based solution for mobile third-order Ambisonics and ambient audio recording, built on the ZM-1 microphone array and the company’s suite of software designed to simplify sophisticated capture and creation of entire sound scenes.

Zylia Ambisonics recording suiteThe solution is capable of delivering 48kHz, 24-bit resolution while capturing the full spatial sound scene. The spherical ZM-1 uses 19 MEMS sensors, distributed around the highly portable device, to capture the 360˚ audio scene to represent real-world sound. Using the ZM-1 in combination with Zylia Studio software enables recording for 360/VR/AR and games projects in Higher Order Ambisonics (HOA) format. With a single click, users can map the recorded scene to several surround standards and presets, including stereo narrow, wide, binaural, 5.1, 7.1, 5.4.1, 22.2.

Zylia Studio Pro is a VST/AU plug-in that brings spatial filtering and signal separation directly into the digital audio workstation. Studio Pro uses virtual microphone technology (software-defined microphones) on the 19-channel ZM-1 recording to separate sound sources and record them as individual tracks. The software also uses spatial filtering and blind sound-source separation to detect automatically the position of sound sources and separate them in real time. Users can set and monitor virtual microphones of multiple polar patterns or characteristics, both live and during postproduction.

The Zylia Ambisonics Converter converts multichannel recordings made with the ZM-1 microphone into Higher Order Ambisonics full-sphere surround-sound recordings for playback on the Facebook 360 and YouTube 360 platforms. The converter offers a B-format signal set that includes first-, second- and third-order Ambisonics. Users can choose between the FuMa and ACN component ordering formats, as required by the target platform, and between ambiX and TBE output formats. The converter also allows for quick correction of microphone orientation in postproduction.

‘Our innovative ZM-1 microphone and sophisticated software tools help musicians and audio creatives make the most of every recording,’ says Zylia CTO, Tomasz Żernicki. ‘We look forward to introducing a new hardware-based solution that brings users added power and flexibility in working with high-resolution sound and 3D/360° audio.’

More: www.zylia.co

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