Mackie has announced the ‘complete redesign’ of the ProFXv3 Professional Effects Mixers with USB series. Now with Mackie’s Onyx mic preamps, GigFX Effects Engine, 2x4 192kHz, 24-bit USB recording, and a new design, the series continues to target live sound applications, as well as home studios, content creators and live streaming.

ProFXv3 Professional Effects Mixers with USBThe ProFXv3 Series is available in the 6-channel ProFX6v3, 10-channel ProFX10v3, 12-channel ProFX12v3, 16-channel ProFX16v3, 22-channel ProFX22v3, and 30-channel ProFX30v3. Mackie’s flagship Onyx mic preamps promise the ‘cleanest signal path possible’ with up to 60dB of gain. ‘Our Onyx mic preamps offer boutique-quality performance and sound quality,’ says Mackie Product Manager, Matt Herrin. ‘Bringing them to ProFX for the first time is a major upgrade to the series that makes that sought-after sound more accessible than ever.’

The all-new GigFX High-Resolution Effects Engine offers 24 effects including reverbs and delays. The built-in USB interface supports sample rates of up to 192kHz, while 2x4 I/O allows two mixes to be created on a computer and each sent to the mixer. A dedicated Blend knob mixes between monitoring the DAW output and direct latency-free monitoring or a blend of both, for when recording alongside pre-recorded tracks. ProFXv3 Series mixers also offer single-knob compression and Hi-Z switches, and a min-jack input for direct connection of any device via into a channel strip.

‘With Onyx preamps, 192kHz recording, onboard compressors, tons of new effects, and powerful included software, ProFXv3 is the ultimate affordable analogue mixer,’ Herrin asserts. ‘We can’t wait to see what artists, audio engineers, content creators, and all other Mackie users do with these.’

The Mackie ProFXv3 Series Professional Effects Mixers with USB will ship worldwide beginning October 2019. Sold individually, MSRP pricing is US$199.99 for the ProFX6v3, US$299.99 for the ProFX10v3, US$429.99 for the ProFX12v3, US$649.99 for the ProFX16v3, US$919.99 for the ProFX22v3 and US$1169.99 for the ProFX30v3.


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