Extra Faders provides a new surface layout for Lawo’s mc²66 MkII production console. The option enhances Central Control capabilities while providing improved surround-sound mixing.

Extra Faders console layoutWith the Extra Faders option, the Screen Control Module in the mc²66 MKII’s Central Control section is replaced by the Short Fader Control panel. In addition to the control elements commonly associated with this section, the new surface layout incorporates eight additional faders. This new arrangement provides more faders in the first row and fewer administrative buttons, giving greater control over mix elements assigned to this area. The Extra Faders layout also provides a new user panel – identified as Screen Control – that provides for a variety of essential functions requiring dedicated hardware buttons. This panel contains the Screen Control buttons, Panning Joystick, Bus Assignment and ISO buttons, as well as 12 User Buttons, to equip the console with individual options from the Custom Functions page. The Screen Control User panel can be placed freely at all User Panel positions.

For mc²66 MkII consoles equipped with the new Extra Faders option, the Short Fader Control panel and the Screen Control User panel interact closely with a new Monitoring Touch GUI page. Via this interface, all functions typically associated with preparatory tasks (Strip Assignment and so on) are managed.

In addition to the control surface variations found with the mc²66 MkII’s Extra Faders option, there is also the inclusion of the dedicated Reveal Fader user panel. This panel provides direct access to the individual components of the surround package. The Reveal Fader panel can be integrated at any of the three user panel locations and is designed for the unfolding of surround channels at a dedicated position.

‘The new option addresses a variety of requests that we’ve received from sound engineers,’ says Herbert Lemcke, President of Lawo North America. ‘By adding more faders to the console’s Central Control section, while also improving the system’s surround sound mixing capabilities, we have demonstrated Lawo’s commitment to listening carefully to our customers while also providing world-class, customisable solutions for the most demanding mixing projects. I’m confident many audio professionals will find Extra Faders a compelling option.’

More: www.lawo.de

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