Amped Studio 2.0Amped Studio has announced Amped Studio 2.0, a sophisticated online DAW that enables production of complete tunes with audio and Midi tracks as with any DAW but free from a single host computer. As Amped Studio 2.0 is a browser-based DAW, music can be recorded anywhere in the world with an internet connection for free.

Amped Studio supports recording and playout of both audio and Midi content at the same time on the same track, and also add as many virtual instruments and effects as required. The 2.0 enhancements include external virtual instruments (like VSTs) that are produced using all-new WAM (Web Audio Module) technology. The two free WAM instruments are OBXD and DEXED, each based on classic analogue and FM synths. Augur is the first commercially-available WAM instrument but, as WAM is open-source, more developers are expected to release WAM instruments in coming months.

Amped Studio 2.0 also features new pitch- and beat-detection technology called Hum and Beatz – users can hum or beatbox into the DAW, which then automatically creates Midi notes and beats. Simply assign a virtual instrument, sing and compose with a voice. As well as the all-new WAM instruments and Hum and Beatz detection, other additions to Amped Studio include volume and panning automation plus a special Content Editor which allows more sophisticated audio editing.

Amped Studio 2.0 is available on a free subscription that includes the all-new WAM instruments and vocal-to-Midi features. A premier subscription of US$4.99 a month secures more instruments, sounds and audio options. Amped Studio 2.0 has been developed within the new Web Assembly browser technology and currently runs under Chrome, Vivaldi and Opera, and will eventually work in other browsers as they move to Web Assembly.

‘The 2.0 update to Amped Studio really drives online music making up to another level,’ says Amped Studio CEO, Bil Bryant. ‘As well as adding sophisticated yet fun tools that help you turn ideas into music immediately, we have looked at the best features in traditional DAWs and brought those online. Our WAM open-source technology could see many traditional VST instrument developers start converting their titles for online music production, so that all DAW users can enjoy their favourite instruments, wherever they are in the world.’


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