Yamaha has announced the HY144-D-SRC and HY128-MD professional audio interface cards for the Rivage PM digital mixing system. Both feature onboard sample rate conversion (SRC), allowing devices running at different sampling rates to be connected to Rivage PM systems.

Yamaha HY144-D-SRC/HY128-MD audio interfaceThe HY144-D-SRC is a network I/O card that supports up to 144 inputs and 144 outputs via Dante audio networking. While essentially the same as the current HY144-D card for Rivage PM systems, the HY144-D-SRC adds onboard sample-rate conversion, which adds convenience to audio systems where devices running at different sample rates need to be interconnected. Synchronous and asynchronous SRC modes allow interoperability between a wide range of devices, without noise and dropouts.

The HY144-D-SRC firmware can be programmed to operate in any of five modes (including one in which SRC is disabled): 144io (SRC off, 144 in/144 out); 144io SyncSRC (SRC on, synchronous, 144 in/144 out); 72io AsyncSRC (SRC on, asynchronous, 72 in/72 out); 144in AsyncSRC (SRC on, asynchronous, 144 in/0 out); and 144o AsyncSRC (SRC on, asynchronous, 0 in/144 out).

The HY128-MD is a 128-in/128-out audio interface card that supports the Madi audio protocol. It can be used, for example, to convert the output of a Rivage PM10 system used for live sound reinforcement to Madi, for transmission to an OB truck for broadcast, or to connect to a Madi-based mixing console.

In addition to Madi conversion, the HY128-MD provides asynchronous sample-rate conversion, allowing devices using different word clocks to be connected without noise and dropouts. Coaxial and optical Madi transmission lines are provided for redundancy, helping to prevent downtime in the event that one or the other fails.

‘We have received numerous requests for improved connectivity between devices running at different sampling rates, as well as Madi support. These two new audio interface cards will go a long way towards fulfilling that need,’ says Yamaha Pro Audio Division General Manager, Yoshi Tsugawa. ‘We are always listening and feedback from Rivage PM users will continue to be a driving force behind the ongoing evolution of our products.’

More: www.yamahaproaudio.com

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