API 312 Mic PreThe first of several successful API mic premps, API founder Saul Walker early model 312 1970s microphone preamp quickly gained a reputation for its reliability and sound quality. Now, nearly 50 years later, API has recreated this highly sought-after classic.

The 312 was originally used as the front end of the first API recording consoles. The circuitry of the unit was housed in card cages under the front ‘kneespace’ of these early consoles, with only the gain pot mounted to the control surface. In contrast, the new 312 is designed to fit into API’s various rack configurations, and offers one of API’s most famous mic preamps in the 500 Series format.

Still based on Saul Walker’s original designs, the 312 circuitry is the building block of API’s 3124V, 3124MV and A2D, using API’s 2520 op-amps and proprietary transformers.

‘During our 50th anniversary year, we released a limited run of serialised 312s that were exact replicas of the original Saul Walker design; the response was overwhelming’ says API President, Larry Droppa. ‘This year, I’m pleased and excited to release the new 312 Mic Pre as a cost-effective option to capture exceptional audio with the sound of API. I’m happy to report that many orders for the new 312 have already been placed throughout API’s international distribution network, and units are now shipping.’

More: www.apiaudio.com

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