Danley Sound Labs Go-2

Danley Sound Labs’ new Go-2 is an extremely affordable loudspeaker aimed at the opposite end of the spectrum to the massive Jericho Horn employed in some of the world’s largest arenas and stadia.

The Go-2 uses injection-moulded cabinets and is home both indoors and out, with its aesthetics and rigging points. The Go-2 is also impervious to weather and promises speech intelligibility, musicality and transparency. Currently, the Go-2 is available with an 8-inch coaxial driver (Go-2-8CX). The company plans to expand the line in the future.

‘For a long time, we’ve been hearing designers and integrators say, “man, we love the sound and performance of Danley, but we need a go-to box that competes with the Asian made products’ price”, says Danley Sound Labs President, Mike Hedden. ‘Sure, we could have followed the others and have products made off-shore or south of the border, but that’s not who we are.

‘To do it right required a lot of thinking, planning and hard work. Today we’re introducing the Go-2-8CX, which I’m happy to call a Danley product. I challenge anyone to A/B it against their favourite entry-level loudspeaker; a Go-2 will beat it. Moreover, I’m proud to say that, unlike almost every other entry-level loudspeaker on the market, the Danley Go-2-8CX is built right here in the USA.’

More: www.danleysoundlabs.com

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