Martin Audio Ease supportMartin Audio has announced the availability of GLL files for designs using MLA, MLA Compact or MLA Mini loudspeaker installations in an Ease model.

In order for Martin Audio to supply a GLL file, all that is required is an Ease ‘packed’ project file of the venue showing the array location points, together with the appropriate Display2 file for the venue. ‘We can then extract the necessary data from the Display2 file and, via additional software, generate the specific GLL,’ says Head of Product Support Group, Andy Davies. ‘This will include the inter-cabinet and array tilt angles, together with all the associated filter coefficients generated within Display2 to meet the set objective targets. It will also incorporate the appropriate Case Data for a visual representation of the proposed array within the Ease model.’

The GLL will then be inserted into the Ease model at the predefined location points and the coverage prediction checked to coincide with the Display2 output. The Ease model will then be ‘packed’ and returned to the installer or designer. Should any anomalies in coverage be discovered, or any circumstances arise where it is felt that improvements to the overall performance of the system could be achieved, then this will be advised when returning the Ease project.

‘The increasing demand for Multi-cellular technology in an installation environment has driven this development as an initial in-house solution; however, we are also working towards making this a simple addition to future iterations of our free-to-own Display software,’ says Davies.

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