Cerwin-Vega! P-SeriesCerwin-Vega! Has released the P-Series loudspeaker system for live performances and public speeches.

The P-Series family includes two active speakers –P1500X and the P1800SX. The heart of the P-Series is the P1500X, a two-way, bi-amped, full-range bass-reflex speaker with a 15-inch woofer and high-frequency compression driver, powered by a custom class-D amplifier. With a rating of 1.5kW, the P1500X uses proprietary hemi-conical and claims even and wide coverage. A built-in mixer with I/O connections allows simple and fast set-up, while EQ, Vega Bass boost and high-pass filters enable tuning for different acoustic settings.

The lightweight, robust polymer enclosure includes a two-position pole cup with an adjustable mounting point, as well as ergonomic handles. Built-in rigging points and remote volume port make the P1500X suited to suspended installation. The cabinet can be used as a single speaker for a small venue, set in pairs for a larger venue needing more coverage and SPL, or side mounted as a floor monitor for a band.

The P1800SX powered subwoofer uses an 18-inch woofer with a custom 2kW class-D amplifier enclosed in a hardwood cabinet. Like the P1500X, the P1800SX has frequency-shaping controls, Vega Bass boost, and high-pass filter switch (built-in crossover). While designed for use with the P1500X, the P1800SX can lend LF extension to competitive products. Additionally, Thru and Mix output options allow system expandability and daisy-chain connections between components.

The P-Series carries a list price of US$1,199 for the P1500X and US$1,499 for the P1800SX.

More: www.cerwin-vega.com

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