HK Audio SoundCaddy OneA single self-contained unit, HK Audio’s SoundCaddy One is an ‘easy to transport, plug-and-play’ PA system.

Moved into position on built-in wheels, a firm push on its top releases the mid/high array, which rises from the cabinet on a pneumatic lift. Once adjusted to the desired height, it can be twisted to lock into place.

The rear panel offers access to a four-channel mixer. The mono channels (Mic In and Combi In) are each equipped with a Neutrik XLR/Guitar combo input, a volume knob and a tone control. Next to those are two stereo channels (Line In, Aux In), each with volume and contour controls. The Combi In channel features two Neutrik combo inputs – the Aux In provides both stereo RCA jacks and a single stereo jack input. Using the XLR Line Out, a second SoundCaddy One can be connected to create a fuller stereo or dual-mono system. Recording Out (RCA stereo) jacks allow connections to other equipment. A bass level control is provided to balance high and low frequencies.

For power, the SoundCaddy One houses a 600W class-D amplifier. Three six-inch bass drivers provide a tight, deep low-end sound. The pop-up line array contains six 3.5-inch broad band speakers with an easy-to-aim 70° horizontal dispersion that provides deep coverage while avoiding unwanted reflections.

A 19mm birch cabinet construction features cutaway handles, integrated wheels and protective skid guards. A protective cover is included.


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