Alcons Audio has announced the QRP40/90, a two-way point-source column system with high-Q directivity for high projection control. The array may be used as vertical sound system, for both permanent and portable applications.

Alcons Audio QRP40/90 with Q-Series line-upThe slim design of the QRP40/90 offers a 1:1 non-compressed linear sound reproduction, with a claimed ‘up to 90% less distortion’. It is specifically designed for applications where a high-fidelity response needs to be projected with a very precise coverage, and is intended for acoustically challenging environments and applications where musicality and intelligibility-over-distance is required.

Loaded with a RBN1203 12-inch pro-ribbon driver on a Morpher lens, the system claims ‘exceptional’ SPL-independent throw-efficiency and projection control, due to the pro-ribbon’s cylindrical wavefront. The 90° horizontal dispersion offers a consistent audience coverage, significantly extending the ‘sweet-spot’, while the 20° isophasic directivity caters for the side-lobe-free projection up to the highest frequencies.

Its fast impulse response, ‘compression-less’ principle and unusual high peak power handling (2kW @ 200ms) promise a high intelligibility from the lowest to the highest SPL with a 1:15 dynamic range, while offering maximum gain-before-feedback.

The RBN1203 driver is mounted in a co-axial speaker configuration with eight woofers in a sealed cabinet. The custom-design 5-inch woofers feature Active Coil technology for extremely low-distortion LF reproduction, and match well with the MHF pro-ribbon technology.

The acoustic length assists the QRP40 in an extended vertical projection control in the low-mid frequency range, at the same time enabling a smooth but powerful roll-off to additional subwoofers.


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