RCF Audio’s new Ayra Pro10 Sub is an active subwoofer designed for use with the company’s Ayra Pro studio monitors and also a stand-alone low-frequency extension for third-party audio systems.

RCF Audio Ayra Pro10 SubThe 10-inch Ayra Series woofer is optimised for tight and accurate bass reproduction for audio recording, mixing, multichannel systems and desktop use. It delivers 300W RMS power with low-frequency system behaviour managed with a variable crossovered output for stereo monitors.

The cabinet’s vented port is a proprietary design that, with its low-resonance fibreboard construction, follows the requests of professional sound engineers to achieve good aerodynamic behaviour of the air (laminar), high efficiency and reduced distortion.

The system’s MC-1 2x2 stereo passive monitor controller is silent, has no coloration, and is inherently transparent.

Key specs:

  • Frequency response: 30Hz-120Hz.
  • Maximum SPL: 120dB @1m.
  • True Active 300W (600W peak) class-D amplifier.
  • Crossovered stereo output with selectable frequency (50Hz-120Hz).
  • Low distortion bass reflex ports.
  • Reflection-free front cabinet design.
  • Polarity reverse switch.
  • 10-inch composite woofer with doublelayer voice coil.
  • XLR, TRS and RCA stereo inputs.
  • TS jack for the connection of a footswitch for subwoofer and high-pass filter bypass.

More: www.rcf.it

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