EM Acoustics has launched the third system in the Halo line array family, Halo-B. The move follows the 2018 introduction of the British company’s large-format Halo-A arena system.

As its name implies, Halo-B sits between Halo-A and Halo-C in both physical size and overall system output, and as such is perhaps the most versatile system in the family. Built on the same ‘maximum headroom’ design principles as Halo-A to ensure consistent performance across all SPL levels and consistent horizontal dispersion pattern across the operating frequency band, Halo-B is a two-way reflex-loaded line array element featuring dual 8-inch LF drivers and four 1-inch HF drive units.

EM Acoustics Halo-B

The system addresses three roles; first as a stand-alone system for small- to medium-format touring applications and small- to medium-sized fixed installations; second as a companion system to Halo-A as delay, out fill and/or in fill for larger shows; and third as a companion to Halo-C where Halo-B is the main system and Halo-C acts as delay/fill. Festivals, stadia, sports arenas, concert halls, theatres, houses of worship and corporate A/V events are all candidates for Halo-B which is designed to be equally comfortable in both fixed installation and mobile applications.

A single Halo-B exhibits a flat, free-field frequency response from 65Hz to 20kHz (±3dB) and a phase response which is ±20° between 150Hz and 18kHz. Due to the unique loading technique applied to the low frequency drivers, combined with the high frequency waveguide, the dispersion pattern control is maintained down to 350Hz. The proprietary emulation manifold assembly provides twice the headroom of comparable systems and the use of ring-radiator compression drivers significantly reduces the third-harmonic distortion.

A tough, weather- and impact-resistant polyurethane coating and a touring-friendly, ultra-high tensile steel three-point flying system with quick-release pins complete the package.

‘Halo-B is simply the best product we’ve ever made,’ says EM Acoustics Operations Director, Mike Wheeler. ‘First, we were successfully able to scale the technology used in Halo-A; this isn’t always possible, but when it is and it works, it’s a massive time saver. For example, The manifold technology that we developed for Halo-A is exceptionally good, and if anything, sounds even better in its scaled-down Halo-B implementation. The drive units are also superb. Secondly, Halo-B is an ideal size for so many applications, either on its own or accompanying something else – we think it’ll be a really useful tool for rental companies looking for maximum ROI. Finally, sonically, it’s amazing – it has all the poise, subtlety and detail of Halo-C combined with horsepower of Halo-A in an incredibly versatile package. We hope all of our customers will be as enthusiastic as we are.’

More: www.emacoustics.co.uk

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