JBL Professional 7 Series studio monitorJBL Professional has announced its 7 Series Powered studio monitors, targeting music producers, recording, mastering and remote production .

Featuring patented driver and waveguide technologies developed for the flagship M2 Master Reference Monitor, the 705P 6-inch and 708P 8-inch monitors promise high output, stunning detail and best-in-class accuracy for post-production, broadcast and music recording facilities: ‘The JBL 7 Series was developed from the ground up as our next-gen solution for modern music, post and broadcast production,’ says Harman International Director of Recording Solutions, Peter Chaikin.

‘Every aspect was designed to address challenges and provide a new level of performance for engineers, producers and content creators. Now, we’re proud to introduce the powered versions of these remarkable speakers. By overcoming the limitations of traditional studio monitors, 7 Series empowers modern audio professionals and facilities to get the best results, while enjoying the creative process.’ 

JBL 7 Series Powered master reference monitors employ patented and patent-pending driver and acoustic technologies to claim greater output, dynamic range and improved imaging. Proprietary JBL waveguide technology delivers neutral response and room-to-room consistency, while onboard room EQ solves low frequency problems. Both models feature the 2409H high-frequency compression driver, which incorporates an innovative low-mass annular diaphragm to deliver extraordinary output and very low distortion, with response beyond 3kHz. 

The 725G 5-inch low-frequency transducer used in the 705P model provides 14mm peak-to-peak linear excursion for low-frequency output down to 39Hz. The 728G 8-inch low-frequency transducer in the 708P leverages JBL Differential Drive technology to reduce power compression and provide greater sustained output and extended, linear low-frequency performance to 35kHz. These proprietary drivers allow the 7 Series to deliver two to three times the output of existing studio monitors.

Both the 705P and 708P feature the JBL patent-pending Image Control Waveguide that provides an acoustically seamless transition between the woofer and high-frequency transducer and a wide sweet spot with increased sonic detail. With smooth, neutral on- and off-axis frequency response, the monitors deliver greater accuracy and tell the same story room to room, regardless of placement.

Inside each monitor is a dual amplification system that’s optimised for the high-output drivers. A 120W amplifier module powers the 2409H high-frequency transducer, while a 250W amp is dedicated to the 725G and 728G low-frequency transducers. Onboard DSP-based room equalisation compensates for acoustic issues in any room, delivering the most accurate sound reproduction. Twelve bands of room EQ and eight bands of user EQ allow audio professionals to tailor speaker response to reduce the adverse effects of poor room acoustics and optimize accuracy whether the monitors are freestanding or placed adjacent to the wall. 

Both models feature analogue and AES/EBU digital inputs allowing connectivity to a broad range of production hardware, including digital audio workstations (DAW), mixing consoles and digital playback hardware with sample rates of up to 192kHz. Internal sample rate converters can be enabled to allow the monitors to receive digital signals of uncommon sample rates.

The 7 Series of monitors was developed with the modern control room in mind. A compact two-way design minimizes interference with video displays and sight lines, while providing output comparable to larger speakers. The reinforced enclosure includes bottom and rear mounting points allowing wall and ceiling mounting in either vertical or horizontal orientations. 

The new monitors complement the existing 705i and 708i (installed) models, which serve as the hub of a complete, scalable system based on external multichannel power amps and central system control. Facilities working in surround and immersive formats benefit from the compact size, high output and ease of installation of the 705i and 708i. Centrally located electronics eliminates the need for power outlets at each speaker location and allow powerful, elegant control of any number of channels, in any size room. The complete system includes room EQ, downmix capabilities, and hardware and software control of a range of monitoring functions. 

Multiple 7 Series monitors can be combined with the new JBL Intonato 24 studio monitor management system to create a complete monitoring system for immersive audio production. Intonato 24 has the power to quickly optimise an environment for accuracy, and a system can be scaled as needed for growth. 

JBL 7 Series Powered monitors will be available in Q1 2017.

More: www.jblpro.com

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